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Melissa and Doug Toys: Fantastic Range of Inspiring Kids Toys

Best Melissa and Doug Toys
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Melissa and Doug Products range primarily consists of educational toys, though there are other Melissa and Doug products for children.

Educational toys range includes Melissa and Doug alphabet set, Melissa and Doug geometric stacker set, Melissa and Doug see and spell set, Melissa and Doug pattern blocks, Melissa and Doug stacking train set etc.

Other toys and objects that can keep little children out of trouble while adults attend to their duties include, Melissa and Doug tool box, Melissa and Doug picnic basket, and Melissa and Doug cup cake set.

Older children might find Melissa and Doug puzzles more to their taste.

There are ample Melissa and Doug dolls to choose from. Melissa and Doug coloring pad, Melissa and Doug painter’s easels are especially for the creative kids.

The bright colored Melissa and Doug toys would appeal to any child.

These toys can also be accommodated in any budget. Periodically this toy manufacturing company introduces new toys and retires the old ones.

While doing so, there are clearance sales in which many of Melissa and Doug products may be bought at less than half their price.

Storage of toys can be a problem. Melissa and Doug recognized this problem, and created a multiple activity table which is a large table made from wood.

It is, however, not very high table as children need to use the surface. This table can simultaneously accommodate different types of company’s assembled toys such as doll houses, and trains. Such toys can be stored very easily in the large drawer of this table, after children have finished playing with them.

Effectively no toy or part of the toy is lost.

The assembly products from Melissa and Doug is mostly aimed at children who are closer to 3 years or more.

When assembling these toys, guidance of adults or older children may be essential. Melissa and Doug is a leading seller of children products.

This American toy company was started in 1988, and has a number of products to date. The different products by this company include a different genre of toys for kids of all ages including the stuffed toys for kids.

The different Melissa and Doug Products are different types of vehicle toys like the Melissa and Doug construction vehicles, Melissa and Doug car carrier and Melissa and Doug fire truck. Other products include a simulation of the household materials and food items like the Melissa and Doug fridge food, Melissa and Doug sandwich, Melissa and Doug cookie set, Melissa and Doug cupcake set and Melissa and Doug ice cream among others.

Various products by this company are based of different scenarios like a picnic like the Melissa and Doug picnic basket, on pizza parties like Melissa and Doug pizza party and on fishing the Melissa and Doug fishing game and other games like the Melissa and Doug sorting cube etc.

To enhance learning of kids especially for younger kids products like Melissa and Doug alphabet, Melissa and Doug mailbox, Melissa and Doug coloring pad, Melissa and Doug stacking train, Melissa and Doug pattern blocks, Melissa and Doug sticker collection and Melissa and Doug food groups, Melissa and Doug puzzles, Melissa and Doug blocks etc are available.

For older kids the products are Melissa and Doug geometric stacker, Melissa and Doug lace and trace pets, Melissa and Doug cutting fruit, Melissa and Doug toolbox etc are available.

Other products by this company include Melissa and Doug see and spell, Melissa and Doug cutting food box, Melissa and Doug clock, Melissa and Doug birthday cake, Melissa and Doug stamp set, Melissa and Doug latches board, Melissa and Doug hide and seek board, Melissa and Doug wooden sushi, Melissa and Doug purse, Melissa and Doug bug jug, Melissa and Doug puzzle, Melissa and Doug dolls etc which can be used according to the appropriate age.

Melissa and Doug Dolls

Melissa and Doug Dolls range includes Melissa and Doug Jenna, Melissa and Doug Princess, Melissa and Doug Victorian Family, Melissa and Doug Brianna, Melissa and Doug Baby, etc.

Apart from these toys, this toy manufacturing business also offers unusual dolls such as the fashion dolls, which are a type of wooden mannequins with two sides.

These fashion dolls can be decorated using different clothes and jewelry sets. Glittering jewelry forms part of this set. Craft glue is also provided for the young fashion designer to affix the accessories on these fashion dolls as she might think fit. These dolls are not very expensive either. At $7 such dolls are a steal.

Abby and Emma
Abby and Emma

Maggie Leigh dolls are Melissa and Doug dress up products.

These dolls have several wooden dresses and accessories such as frocks, jeans, shirts, skirts, socks, shoes, etc.

Though made of wood, such wooden dresses and accessories fit perfect because magnets are used to affix them on the main doll.

The clothes of this doll have attractive colors, and children can use different combination of such clothes on their dolls.

As of date, these dolls would cost approximately $13.

Maggie Leigh Doll - Melissa and Doug
Maggie Leigh Doll

The princess set from Melissa and Doug also has wooden dolls. These dolls can also be decorated on either side like the fashion dolls. Beautiful gowns befitting a princess are provided along with the doll. In addition, there are some glittering jewelry pieces that form part of this dolls set. Little girls can choose to affix these gems wherever they deem fit on the princess’ gown or princess’ body.

A special type of glue is also provided for affixing such gems. Princess doll set from Melissa and Doug can be bought for less than $5 as of the date.

All Melissa and Doug toys conform to the safety standards. Dolls from the company is mostly aimed at little girls who are around 4 years of age.

Dolls is one of the most popular category of toys which is popular through many decades among children. Melissa and Doug, which is a leading American toy manufacturer since 1988, manufactures a wide variety of dolls called the Melissa and Doug Dolls or simply called as the Melissa dolls.

There are different types of dolls available from Melissa and Doug, the popular among them are the Melissa and Doug Brianna doll and the Melissa and Doug Jenna doll.

Jenna and Brianna dolls

There is a trend of children, more prominently in girl children to simulate the doll life as compared to their own, and so they keep their dolls in a doll house.

A doll house is also available from the Melissa and Doug called as the Melissa and Doug doll house.

The Melissa and Doug dolls have intriguing features that distinguish them from other dolls available in the market.

The Melissa and Doug baby doll is made of superior quality plastic so that it will not affect the health of the child.

The Melissa and Doug baby and Melissa and Doug family series of dolls and other toys are also very popular due to the fact that there is a great variety of the other side products available for the toys like the different dresses for both the Melissa and Doug Brianna and Melissa and Doug Jenna which is available under the trade name of Melissa and Doug dress up.

Other important products from Melissa and Doug include a best in class princess doll called as the Melissa and Doug princess.

Other important doll category is the Victorian family dolls called as the Melissa and Doug Victorian family which includes a father, mother and child toy and this product can be taken along with a Victorian family heirloom house which is also available from the Melissa and Doug.

Melissa and Doug Doll House

Melissa and Doug doll house would be an ideal gift for little girls in the age group of three to five.

The company offers attractive wooden toys including different types of dolls, puzzles, and other toys based on familiar objects or things.

Melissa and Doug doll house portfolio includes:

  • Melissa and Doug wooden castle
  • Melissa and Doug tree house
  • Melissa and Doug barn
  • Melissa and Doug mini doll house
  • Melissa and Doug princess castle
  • Melissa and Doug furnished doll house.

These doll houses may be furnished using Melissa and Doug furniture.

There are Melissa and Doug cooking sets as well that can be placed inside these doll houses.

Dollhouses from this company need to be assembled. Therefore, adults need to be around for assembling these toys.

However, these dollhouses are small enough for the little girls to take them from one place to another.

The objects such as beds, tables, chairs, sofa sets, cabinets, etc., are colored with bright colors to differentiate them from the walls of the house.

These are also adequately small in size to be placed inside the doll houses.

The furnished dollhouse from Melissa and Doug has hinged doors like those in real life.

It also has the sliding doors giving it a realistic appearance. Another feature of this toy is an open balcony on the top floor, i.e., the second floor. Dolls can also be placed to stand near the railing of this balcony.

The Victorian dollhouse offered by Melissa and Doug is also made from wood. The details included in its interiors as well as exteriors, make it a very strikingly authentic looking toy. This is one of those toys that can be passed down for generations. It is available in the market for approximately $170.

People can also buy Melissa and Doug furniture sets for their 6 years old little girls. These include a display cabinet that has a glass front. All pieces of this set are handmade.

The key to happiness of a person is the smile on their kid’s face. Kids are happy when they are gifted good toys, and the toys they adore. There is a huge variety of toys available in the market manufactured by myriad number of companies. One of the leading manufacturer of toys is the Melissa and Doug which was started in America in the year 1988.

One of the major products of Melissa and Doug are the Melissa and Doug Dolls and the Melissa and Doug Doll House. Along with other accessories related to these products. The popular dolls of this company are the princess dolls and the Melissa and Doug Victorian family series which both are the complete sets and includes a Melissa and Doug castle and Melissa and Doug House respectively.

The most common accessories of these doll houses are the furniture for this doll houses called as the Melissa and Doug furniture or the Melissa and Doug dollhouse furniture. In the case of the princess series, the castle alone is called as Melissa and Doug princess castle and the wooden variant of the princess castle is called as Melissa and Doug wooden castle.

In the complete series you get a completely furnished set like in the Victorian series like any other complete series you will get a Melissa and Doug furnished dollhouse. Apart from a full size doll house you can also opt for a mini doll house called as a Melissa and Doug mini dollhouse which can also be furnished at your own choice.

Other products available from Melissa and Doug includes a range of Melissa and Doug cooking toys in which the different cooking material replicas are available. A Melissa and Doug treehouse and a Melissa and Doug barn are also available in the market. These products are available only in sets though.

Melissa and Doug Puzzles

Melissa and Doug have a wide range of puzzles for children of various age groups.

Of these, the first puzzle set is based on images of toys, such as teddy bear, boat, car, bus, and plane.

This set of puzzles is smaller and less complicated, developed especially for children who are around 18 months or older.

There are nine piece puzzle sets for creating diversity awareness among the growing children.

From these, the children become aware about different ethnic backgrounds. These toys are for children who are 2 years old, or older.

Most of Melissa and Doug puzzles are made from wooden material.

There is a theme based Melissa and Doug Puzzles. Therefore, the Jigsaw puzzle based on sea life has colorful puzzle for children who are 3 years or older.

Children have to form various fishes and animals in the sea interlocking the pieces that are provided.

The set includes sharks, dolphins, sea horses, etc. These puzzles are sold for near about $12 as of the date.

The underwater sea floor puzzle is also a very colorful set.

Unlike the sea life puzzles, there are more varieties of fish in this puzzle. Effectively, the child learns to identify different types of fishes and colors, apart from applying logics for interlocking the puzzle pieces to form their images.

The smaller puzzle sets have 24 pieces, whereas the larger ones may have near about 50 pieces.

Melissa and Doug offer cardboard jigsaw puzzles. These jigsaw puzzles are based on various objects such as fish, map, train, pets, and animals.

Apart from such jigsaw puzzles, Melissa and Doug offer racks for storing jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles need to be stored carefully, as any missing piece can make the rest of the puzzle pieces a waste. This is the reason there are boxes offered by Melissa and Doug for different types of puzzles.

Puzzles are one of the most intriguing games for kids. Apart from fun they provides a good exercise of the brain and help in making the young minds sharper. There are different types of puzzles available in the market, and all are different in many aspects. Most of them are suitable for a certain age group. There are different types of puzzles marketed by Melissa and Doug which is a leading American toy company as Melissa and Doug Puzzles.

The content of a puzzle is largely dependent on the age group at which the puzzle is focused on like for children that have not started going to school needs puzzles for home teaching like the puzzles to teach the alphabets like the Melissa and Doug ABC puzzle, Melissa and Doug shapes puzzle and Melissa and Doug train puzzle etc.

For older children, the level of the puzzle is also increased like the Melissa and Doug jigsaw puzzle, Melissa and Doug chunky puzzle, Melissa and Doug animal puzzle, Melissa and Doug farm puzzle and Melissa and Doug solar system puzzle etc. Also there are other interactive puzzles which has features like the magnetic base like the Melissa and Doug magnetic puzzle and Melissa and Doug puzzle storage.

So surely all the different puzzles are for certain age groups which can be found on the top of a puzzle and this will help you to choose from the myriad available puzzles like the Melissa and Doug floor puzzle, Melissa and Doug wooden puzzle, Melissa and Doug latches board, Melissa and Doug knob puzzle, Melissa and Doug princess puzzle, Melissa and Doug fish puzzle, Melissa and Doug map puzzle, Melissa and Doug peg puzzle, Melissa and Doug dinosaur puzzle, Melissa and Doug sound puzzle, Melissa and Doug cube puzzle, Melissa and Doug puzzle book etc.

Melissa and Doug Blocks

Melissa and Doug blocks are mostly wooden toys for children who are about 2 years or slightly older. These hard wood blocks are of different shapes and sizes. Therefore, there are rectangular, triangular, square, or cube shaped blocks.

In addition, there are a few circular, semicircular, cylindrical, and round blocks. Such blocks may be colored with bright country colors, though not always. The standard blocks sets from Melissa and Doug have pieces that are in natural wood color. Such pieces can be stacked and assembled to make various shapes such as castles.

Melissa and Doug geometric stacker helps the child in learning how to stack these blocks and simultaneously getting acquainted with various geometric shapes. Melissa and Doug wooden blocks range includes an architectural blocks set that can be used to create classic buildings.

There is more variety of shapes in this set. Parents may have to guide children on how to stack such blocks. But young children can also try playing with blocks without guidance from parents or older siblings.

For portability of blocks, Melissa and Doug have devised a wooden tray with small wheels and a string. Blocks are compactly laid in this wooden tray so that the child can pull the tray instead of carrying the loose blocks from one place to another.

Melissa and Doug Jumbo blocks set consist of large red, yellow, and blue colored bricks made from very thick cardboard. Some of these cardboard blocks can bear a load of almost 150 lbs. Melissa and Doug also have animal nesting block. These blocks have images of animals on them. The blocks are cube shaped.

The largest cube has images of larger animals, whereas the smaller cubes have images of smaller animals. Stacking this hierarchically helps the child in remembering which animal is larger and which animal is smaller. There are Melissa and Doug abc blocks. These cube shaped blocks help young ones in learning the alphabet.

Building Blocks are one of the most interactive toys for the child. They help in enhancing the creativity and it is actually fun to see your child building different shapes with the blocks. Melissa and Doug Blocks which are manufactured by Melissa and Doug which is a lading toy company of America.

The Melissa and Doug blocks are available in different shapes and materials which includes the Melissa and Doug wooden blocks, Melissa and Doug cardboard blocks and plastic blocks for children.

All the block building materials are tested for safety and do not have sharp edges so as to make them safe for children especially the paint on blocks and plastic of the utmost quality is used in the blocks.

The blocks are based on different ideas for different age groups like the Melissa and Doug abc blocks and the Melissa and Doug pattern blocks. They are for older age groups while the Melissa and Doug castle blocks and Melissa and Doug farm blocks are meant for a younger age group.

Some blocks are available as magnetic bases so that they can be connected together with an ease. Some blocks are parts of sets which includes vehicles or trains or something like that and have wheels and are called as Melissa and Doug blocks on wheels and this is most commonly found in a Melissa and Doug stacking train.

Other popular blocks are the Melissa and Doug jumbo blocks which are large in size,Melissa and Doug nesting blocks and Melissa and Doug sound blocks which produces sounds on pressing.

For slightly larger kids the common types of blocks are the Melissa and Doug wood blocks,Melissa and Doug stacking blocks, Melissa and Doug stacker, Melissa and Doug geometric stacker and Melissa and Doug pound a peg etc among many other varieties and colors.

Melissa and Doug Puppets

Melissa and Doug, a 23 year old toy manufacturing business offers unique toys for young children.

One of the popular toys from this toy manufacturing company is the puppet theater.

Melissa and Doug puppets range includes Melissa and Doug dog puppet, Melissa and Doug giraffe puppet, Melissa and Doug Monster puppet, Melissa and Doug Queen puppet, Melissa and Doug Tiger puppet, Melissa and Doug Prince puppet, Melissa and Doug horse puppet etc.

These puppets are especially designed for Melissa and Doug Puppet Theater. There is a deluxe puppet theater as well amongst Melissa and Doug’s toys.

All these puppets are made from soft materials that are safe for children to play with. The puppet theaters offered by the company may be used to read and explain various stories to little children and keep them entertained.

Melissa and Doug also have a range of puppets based on contemporary people, like cheerleaders, and firefighters. Such puppets may cost approximately $20, whereas the puppet theater may be available for $33. The deluxe puppet theater from the company may cost almost $90.

One of the most fascinating toys from Melissa and Doug is the fuzzy monsters puppet set.

Melissa and Doug - Fuzzy monsters puppet set

Children can create different types of monsters using different colored parts as it is possible to interchange such parts.

Three different types of monsters are available in the set but children can try the permutations and combinations of their parts.

Such variable parts include ears, eyes, and even antennae. This toy is available for $25 at present.

Melissa and Doug toys are long lasting toys. Only permitted colors and materials are used to make these toys.

There are no sharp edges in any of these toys that could hurt the child. None of these toys break easily or can be torn apart easily. All these puppets have a very appealing look though some of them may be wacky or weird as per their characters. Children become familiar with such creatures from their bedtime stories.

Puppets are interesting things to play with and children love to play with them a lot. The best thing kids love about them is that they are available for each and every living creature on earth like the different birds, animals and other characters liked by kids like prince and princesses. The puppets manufactured by Melissa and Doug company which is located in Connecticut, USA is called as Melissa and Doug Puppets.

The different animal and bird based puppets are of dogs as Melissa and Doug dog puppet, of horses as Melissa and Doug horse puppet, of giraffe as Melissa and Doug giraffe, and of tiger and lion as Melissa and Doug tiger and Melissa and Doug lion puppet respectively. In scary themes ,the available puppets are the Melissa and Doug monster puppet and Melissa and Doug dragon.

Many type of puppets depicts the real roles played by humans or different professions like a chef, construction worker, Police officer, Surgeon, Cheerleader and firefighter as a Melissa and Doug chef, Melissa and Doug construction worker, Melissa and Doug police officer, Melissa and Doug surgeon, Melissa and Doug cheerleader and Melissa and Doug firefighter respectively.

Other common puppets are the Melissa and Doug ballerina puppet, Melissa and Doug cowgirl puppet, Melissa and Doug knight puppet, Melissa and Doug king puppet, Melissa and Doug chimp puppet, Melissa and Doug pirate puppet, Melissa and Doug queen puppet and Melissa and Doug prince puppet, Melissa and Doug princess puppet etc.

Melissa and Doug puppet theater is also an important product where kids play with the different puppets by connecting them with strings and moving them. One of the most favorite puppets of all time is Melissa and Doug finger puppets, which is in the shape of a hand. All the fingers can be moved with the use of different strings connected to it.

Melissa and Doug Food

Melissa and Doug food and food related toy sets include Melissa and Doug sandwich, Melissa and Doug ice cream, Melissa and Doug shopping cart, Melissa and Doug grill set, Melissa and Doug brownies, Melissa and Doug pies, Melissa and Doug fruits, Melissa and Doug vegetables, Melissa and Doug pizzas, Melissa and Doug kitchen set, etc.

Like other Melissa and Doug toys, most of the Melissa and Doug food related products are also wooden toys. They are brightly colored, but the colors used are the same as the colors of food items in real life. At times, the shades may vary slightly. These toys are useful for teaching children about various foodstuffs that they come across each day.

The child needs to learn the names of fruits and vegetables, and other food items such as ice creams, cakes, pies, and pizzas. Apart from learning about food items, their colors, and their names, the child also gets to learn what various kitchen implements and utensils such as grill set, knife, cutting boards, and cookie decorating pieces are called.

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Melissa and Doug food toys includes cutting food set, and cooking decoration set. These sets are all made from wood, so they are not likely to harm the child like some other plastic toys. The cutting food collection even lets the child correlate the slice the fruit or vegetable making some sound while the child is cutting such toy. Actually, the toy is cut and reaffixed so that the child can slice it and understand what the parent is doing.

A small replica of the grocery cart that a child sees in shopping malls also forms part of Melissa and Doug’s food related toys. This cart is made from metal wire, and there are small wheels. Little girls can also take their favorite dolls, or teddy bears around in the child’s seat on these trolleys.

There are Melissa and Doug fridge food toys which introduce the child to various items that are placed in the fridge. Likewise, the child becomes familiar with kitchen accessories and other gadgets used in the kitchen such as oven, microwave, sink, and refrigerator using toys like Melissa and Doug Deluxe Kitchen.

Melissa and Doug Deluxe Kitchen
Melissa and Doug Deluxe Kitchen

One of the most intriguing products by Melissa and Doug toy company is the quality of play food products manufactured by the company called as the Melissa and Doug Food. This category of toys by Melissa and Doug is divided into sub parts called the Melissa and Doug food groups i.e. into food groups like continental food, fruits and vegetables, Italian food, beverages and cakes etc.

According to the different food groups the different products in the play food category are Melissa and Doug cookies, Melissa and Doug pies, Melissa and Doug pizza, Melissa and Doug sandwich etc. The raw play food is the Melissa and Doug vegetables, Melissa and Doug fruit, and Melissa and Doug meat among other fridge food called as the Melissa and Doug fridge food.

Bakery products is also an important product of the play food and is available as Melissa and Doug cakes, Melissa and Doug birthday cake, Melissa and Doug brownies, Melissa and Doug cupcakes and Bread etc.

Other common foods include the Melissa and Doug ice cream and cold drinks. Children play with them as if they are playing with real food and this help them in understanding about different foods and this may also arouse a taste for a particular although they cannot eat a play food.

Other important aspect of these play foods is that they can be used to depict the kitchen and the events centered around it like the pizza parties and picnics which is also centered around food. The kitchen depicting toys are the Melissa and Doug kitchen which depicts the modern kitchen, Melissa and Doug classic kitchen, Melissa and Doug wooden kitchen which is wooden and Melissa and Doug corner kitchen, which depicts the modern corner kitchens.

Some products commonly used in kitchens like the grill set and the shopping cart is also depicted by Melissa and Doug grill set and Melissa and Doug shopping cart respectively.

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